Burning the Midnight Oil… (#madrugada)

An axiom of the startup world is: hard work.

And, when pursuing a startup dream on a limited time budget, the hard work gets even harder as a result of the schedule constraints.

‘Bootstrapping’ on a part-time basis results in many late nights – with research, design, and planning sessions stretching late into the evening… often times into the wee morning hours (madrugada as it is called in Spanish)

The Gondola crew loves night owls – so late night working sessions happen pretty much every day.

During these times, it’s interesting to think about how many fellow startups are out there in the world – toiling away right now at their own dreams that will become future successes?

We can’t speak on behalf of all other startups, but so far, the hard work and late nights have been well worth the investment. 🙂

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