Your Privacy (#privacyparadox)

As a relatively young technology startup – we are very proud of the fact that one of Gondola’s core company values has always been respect for privacy of individuals.

In today’s interconnected, always-on world, people often don’t realize, ignore, or otherwise overlook the fact that many ‘free’ online services today are actually being paid for with our privacy.

You may ask yourself, “Wait… what on earth do you mean when you say I’m paying with my privacy?”   After all, it’s not like you’re getting a monthly privacy bill in the mail.

Well, if you’d like to have a better understanding of what it means to pay with privacy, then pardon the President-like shouting but:



Privacy can be a complicated topic that brings up a set of personal philosophical questions and decisions that we must individually make.

Ultimately, it comes down to a cost/benefit analysis in what is a long-running, often hidden battle of privacy vs. convenience.

In the #PrivacyParadox, host Manoush Zaramode (@manoushz) and team do an outstanding job giving a privacy 101 crash course that covers, among other things:

  • Real-Life Stories of Privacy Sacrificed:  from that ‘creepy’ feeling to outright offensive and opportunistic advertising behavior – they provide a number of fascinating examples
  • Daily Privacy Challenges: small steps you can take to ‘test drive’ behavioral changes intended to help you understand options available to take back control of your data and the way it is being used

They even have a quick QUIZ to help with an assessment of your privacy personality.

The results for the Gondola team?  = REALIST.   #obviously.   no surprises there….  🙂

So, kudos to Manoush and team for raising awareness on this important topic.

Great work – thank you!

And BTW: here is a blog post about those those Gondola company values mentioned previously.


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