Our Little (#startup) Secret…

Well hello there!

It’s been a while since we updated the blog… but please don’t worry- in the background, the team has been working away dutifully on our customers’ future.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the things that have been going on for the last ++month at Gondola.

Y-Combinator Startup School


From Sam Altman and the team over at Y-Combinator – this series has been excellent.   Enjoyed hearing @Michael Seibel share ‘early early’ stage insights and the importance of shipping an early and basic (i.e. “crappy”) MVP.

Not to worry Michael, the initial MVP for Gondola will be very “basic” indeed!

We’ll do a dedicated blog post about StartUp School on a later date, but we’ve certainly enjoyed this series so far!

Cocktail Napkins (prototype design)


When building a technical solution from scratch, it turns out that even a most basic, paper-based MVP requires some thinking… simple wireframes can get tricky at times!  😉

By now we have a lot of cocktail napkins full of Gondola MVP ideas and tests.

We’re grateful for the feedback we’ve received from customers so far – and are excited to get moving on more advanced prototypes soon!

Hello Apple (client app)


It’s official: our MVP will be built for the iPhone.

Android + Windows customers – we love you and can’t wait to bring Gondola to these platforms as well.   However, iPhone is the device in the pocket of many creatives (including our own) and that’s where we’re going to get things started.

The BBS of 2017 (Facebook APIs)


Isn’t it lovely to live the modern age of service-based architectures?

Can you believe we used to run apps over dial-up?  (#TradeWars, anyone?)

Facebook is one heck of a modern BBS and we’re REALLY thankful to be in age of modern connectivity and bandwidth…  working on the Graph is keeping us busy!

Our Little (#startup) Secret


We’ve made good progress – and there’s plenty of work on the road ahead.

Gondola is being built on a part-time, bootstrapping budget – and our top focus areas right now are Customer Interviews and Engineering.

We’re working diligently on the Minimally Viable Product (MVP) so Marketing (i.e. the blog) may seem a little slow at times.   However, do expect more details about our project to emerge throughout 2017!

In the meantime, we’ll share a little “secret” about Gondola…

We love digital photography.


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